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We are ♥delighted♥ to offer you a wide range of home made chocolates. Our chocolates are 100% vegetarian and freshly made. We have wide variety of making candles, like Gel candle, Beer Candle, Ice Candle, Stack Candle, Frost candle, tone & Shells Candle, Cinnamon Candle, Icy Effect Gel Candle.We also have a category which decor your first impression of the home i.e Name plate, we make name plates with Murals. With mural we make wall hangings and other small and big household items.You can use this to decorate your space or gift your dearest one… We have range in all segments. For Instance, In Chocolates we have included all time favorite Fruit & Nuts, Tangy Orange Chocolate, Rum & Raisins, Mocha and more… In order to add new dimension to gift we have added Designer Candles, exclusive Hurricane Candles, Gel Candles which will bring vividness to Life.  Paper Blossom Punch Crafts Cards which are unique hand crafted card. Traditional 3D Murals & Name Plates are colourful used for decoration.Taste the extraordinary difference… artful chocolates made with only the purest ingredients by us.We have Variety of Chocolates, Our chocolates are fresh as they are prepared as per your order, So kindly place your order 3 days prior to your delivery date, so that you can have pleasure of fresh chocolate, made for you only. These chocolates are completely vegetarian. If You want these flavor in Milk or Dark chocolate then that can be made by us as per order. We also accept bulk orders
Immerse yourself in the lure and lore of chocolate and explore its use as a health therapy.

We have special Deal for:

  • Birthday Parties return gift
  • Get Together
  • Anniversaries
  • Festive Celebration
  • Office Functions

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